Alabama General Contractors

Alabama State general contractor license

Alabama General Contractors

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In Alabama, general contractors working on industrial or commercial projects over $50,000 require a license. To obtain your license, you'll have to pass two exams and submit an application to the state.

In order to pass the exams, (even though they are open book exams), you'll need a prep course to help guide you through the process. Otherwise, you'll spend months reading 1,000's of unnecessary pages in text books.

Alabama Commercial General Contractor NASCLA

Any contract over $50,000 in Alabama requires an Alabama contractor's license. This license will allow the builder to bid on, build, or modify any type of structure in Alabama except for residential structures. This exam will also serve as your trades exam for Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, U.S. Virgin Islands, West Virginia. Of those states listed, only Alabama, South Carolina, and Tennessee require a separate license for residential construction.

Alabama Under Four Stories Contractor

Building Construction under Four Stories (BCU4): Shall include the construction of building structures, including modifications thereof, that do not exceed three stories in height, and any roof structure or component of such structure does not exceed fifty feet in height, which are intended for use for shelter, protection, comfort or convenience. This a Commercial License Only you will need to have a separate license for Residential work. BCU4 shall include the excavation and foundations for buildings and work incidental thereto for buildings less than three stories in height. BCU4 shall include interior nonstructural alterations and repairs to existing buildings exceeding three stories in height. In addition to the above BCU4 shall include the construction of building structures, including modifications thereof exceeding three stories in height on projects but only under the direction and supervision of a General contractor or Construction Manager licensed under Building Construction.

Alabama Business Law and Project Management

The Alabama Business Law exam is a short 2 hour exam covering information in only 1 book. This exam will cover topics including rules for the Alabama General Contractors Board, types of forms needed for hiring and verifying employee's work status, taxation, lien laws and more.

Getting an Alabama General Contractors License Quick Facts

  • All eligibility are valid for 1 year from the date that the application is received by the state. If you do not pass the examination within the 1 year period, you must reapply with the state.
  • You may take the examination an unlimited number of times during the 1 year period.
  • Reciprocity with Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas and Louisiana you have to be licensed for 3 years consecutively with the same classification you are wanting in Alabama, this form is called verification of license.