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These guys are AMAZING!!!!! RON!!!!!

RON IS THE MAN! I am in Maryland, i called to see if they offer a prep course for the home improvement test in Maryland, they didn't but Ron stayed on the phone with me for 25 minutes telling me what i needed to know!!!


by Jeff Tucker

My company asked me to take the NASCLA exam and after asking several colleagues which course to take they all told me that My Contractors License was the best. Before purchasing the course I called MCL and was surprised when a live/friendly person answered the phone. Neal was extremely helpful and was able to answer all of my questions. I purchased the NASCLA course and followed their directions.

The course was easy to follow and I did all of my training on the internet. I loved the way the course gives you the option for a hint and guides you to which book will give you the information. Since the NASCLA exam is open book, the most important skill this course teaches you is how to quickly know what book to use to find your answer.

Do not be fooled into thinking the NASCLA exam is easy since its an open book. There are 20 books and I saw more than 10 people fail this Exam because they didn't know which book to use to find the answers. I asked the people who failed the exam what course they took and they mentioned a few cheap courses that didn't prepare them well for the exam.

You definitely get what you pay for and although the MCL is more expensive than others, it truly prepares you for the real exam. Again, I followed their exact directions and took the practice tests/exams and although I spent probably 60 hours on the course, I felt very confident going into the exam and the best part is...I PASSED THE EXAM.

by Jason Dodson

I can not thank the individuals at My Contractors License enough for their assistance and their expertise in preparing me for the NASCLA exam and the TN Business Law Exam.

I was on a strict deadline for both tests - and utilizing their system, I passed both on the first attempt. Without their program, I would have never been able to pass either test. I highly recommend them to all candidates looking for an exceptional program, to get results needed. Keep up the great work... and thank you!!!

by Kathy Stieler

Thanks to My Contractor’s License I passed the NASCLA exam and the South Carolina Business Law exam the first try. If it hadn’t of been for their course there is no doubt in my mind that I would not have passed it the first try. I highly recommend their program and good luck!

by Joey Woodard

Great course and well worth the money! I passed my BC-A for TN with an 88%. This course helped me answer about 70% of the questions with ease. The other 30% consisted of unique plan, math, and uncommon questions not found in any book.

by SonLight Built LLC

These guys are top notch. They have spent a lot of time and effort making sure their study material is well focused and it shows.

I passed the NASCLA exam on my first try.

It's not about memorization, I actually learned this material and how to navigate and organize the tremendous book load for this exam. I wouldn't hesitate to direct anyone needing to tackle an exam their way.

by Charliellpics