Contractor Exam Prep Course Comparisons

Comparison Points
NASCLA Bookset All 23 Books


$1,998 *Missing 3 books

$2,588 for all 23 books

*Missing 1 book


Randomized Full Course Practice Exams
Identical PSI Exam Interface
Q&A Audio Tracks
Printed Study Guides
Book Lookup Exercises
Individual Book Tests
Course Access Time 365 days 90 days 2 days 180 days
Satisfaction Guarantee 100% Minus 20% restocking fee. Within 2 weeks only 10% cancellation fee if done more than 10 days in advance, no refund after 10 days 3 days + penalty fee for course. 7 days for books
Success Guarantee 110% money back guarantee on course that you will pass the FIRST try Must fail 3 times then money back, no extra. Must fail 3 times then FAX, then money back, no extra. 100%, but not valid in TN. No Refund for TN
Free Full Function Demo
Specialize in General Contractors
All the correct books that will be used in your exam
Number of Study Questions 2,500+ Not available Not available 800
Unlimited 1-on-1 support Free $199 per hour $259 per hour
Book Buy Back Gift Cards
Shipping Same day 2 business days after ordering 2 business days after ordering
Live Chat Support
Online Classes
24/7 Access from Any Device
Additional Shipping Fees Free ground shipping $55 $105 $47.50
Overnight Shipping $100+ depending on location $400 Not available Not available