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Below are some emails that we have received from our customers about the effectiveness of Great Southern Seminars contractor exam prep courses for Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

When it comes to comparing the training you get at My Contractors License to other “similar” prep courses and contractor seminars, it’s like comparing a Mercedes to a Kia. There just is no comparison.

Last year I took one of those OTHER contractor seminars.

You know the kind, where you go to a hotel room for a couple of days with a bunch of other contractors, and somebody reads to you and tells you where to highlight your books. It’s supposed to prepare you to pass your contractor exam, but in my case it just didn’t work.

Not only did I find lots of inconsistencies in the information, I just didn’t think the instructor really cared about me passing my exam. He seemed like he was just there to collect a paycheck.

But I took the contractor’s seminar and then went and took my test. Unfortunately I failed the exam.

Then I decided to call the guys at My Contractors They were friendly and knowledgeable and gave me everything I needed. Not only did they have better workshops (which were online, so I didn’t have to take time off from work, and being a new father I hardly had any time so I could break it up and study an hour here and an hour there), but they also had audio CDs. I put these in my truck and on those days that I had to drive 5 hours to get to the job, I would listen to them. Pretty soon without even trying I had a lot of the questions and answers memorized.

But the BEST part was the practice exams.

I took them over and over until I felt I knew almost every question.

When it came time for me to take the test, I followed their strategy about how to take the test, and I breezed through it in less than an hour, and this was for the NASCLA 5 hour test.

I had enough time that I went back and verified all my answers in the books. Needless to say I passed this time with flying colors.

If you are thinking about going to one of those contractors seminars, don’t waste your time or your money. Just get the My Contractors License prep course and you will have no problem passing your exam.

Brandon W. - Sapphire NC

"A recommendation for you is EASY!

Let me start out by stating a huge lesson I learned before getting your course. 
It involved a full day drive to a 2 day seminar from a DIFFERNTcompany.
In that seminar,we were told to not study anything they didn't mark ,
and only a few of their study points were on the exam. 
Failing the 1st time from that other company was a hard lesson.
Then, I was given a partial of your study materials.The study material convinced me that
I wanted more.  We ordered a new set with the study guide, computer CDs of books and
tests, and audio CDs.

Wow, first, having all that arrive at my home quickly was wonderful. 

Second, I was never bored with all your study material. (Even when driving or walking the dogs
the audio CDs were playing.)  

I would do the computer CDs for hours, then read the study guide. Learning was interesting,
challenging, and exciting. 

Third, even though my 1st purpose was the contractor's exam, when taking the sub-classification
exams like public utilities, etc., I was still seeing your study material. It was an amazing discovery!

Plus, I am now taking exams for a "sister" state, waivered for contractor's, but still seeing your study
material on their sub-classification exams also.

I could go on and on, but I'll stop with my fourth reason to use Great Southern Seminars.

It's the passing!

If you learn the study material and use their testing advice, you can first go through the exam
and know that you have gotten a large number of questions "right off the bat". Then, staying
confident and organized, you HAVE got time to search for the other questions.  

Anyways, Thank you! You are a SOLID right choice for anyone, not only taking the contractor's
exam, but for the following sub-classification exams. Thank you again, Cheryl Johnson"

Cheryl Johnson, SC



To Whom It May Concern,

I recently purchased the Great Southern Seminars prep course.

I was able to use this course to assist me in passing the Georgia Residential Basic test on my first attempt!

I personally know people who have used other companies study materials and
they were unsuccessful in obtain their license.

I can recommend Great Southern Seminars to them with great confidence when they qualify to test again.

Thank You Great Southern Seminars for making it so easy to be prepared!




Vaughn Davis

Picture Perfect Renovations, Llc.

Lawrenceville, GA

-Just a note to tell you that I took my Alabama residential builders test November 13, 2010.
I diligently studied the information in the Great Southern Seminars study packet and followed
all the suggestions given throughout the program. When I took the test, it was similar to what
I had been studying so I cruised through the test in 2 hours and 40 minutes (out of 4 hours alloted)
and easily passed the test!

I received my license in the mail just a few days ago.
Thank you for the a great study program, and I wholeheartedly recommend this study guide!

Thank you,
 Mike Waller 

-Thanks to your material I blew away the Georgia Light Commercial exam...
I even had an hour of time left over. Your methods are great!!!!!

Thanks Again,
Denny McLain Tindall Construction llc
Happy customer :)

-Anyone I know who is looking for a training program, or wants to get licensure in the state of GA,  
I'm definitely going to tell them about your program.
With Kind Regards,
Bonnie Johnson
All Pro Gutters and Screenrooms, LLC

I just want to let you know that although I’ve been building homes and commercial construction
for the last 30 years in a northeast state I don’t believe I would have passed the NC Building
Contractors licensing test the first time without the help of your home study course. 

The repetition of listening to the audio CD’s while driving and riding on the lawn tractor allowed
me to focus on the necessities rather than studying every chapter and verse of the 14+ books on
the study list. 

Reading through the home study guide and taking  a total of twelve practice exams (all of which I passed)
were invaluable tools in preparing me for the exam.
I took a weekend cram course several years ago for a instrument rating on my private pilot’s
license and I can tell you that I only learned how to take the test and maybe understood
10% of the material.  Using your home study course not only was I prepared to take the exam but
I actually learned things I didn’t know and had an understanding of all the material I studied.
I highly recommend your Great Southern Seminars Exam Prep Course hands down over any weekend cram
course and would be more than happy for you to use me as a referral to any perspective clients.
Thanks again for this service.
Yours truly,
Jim DeRogatis 

-Thanks so much. You guys did a great job with this study guide and it was well worth the investment.
I've passed my exam now and couldn't be more pleased. Thanks!

Preston Spencer, Owner
Heartwood Construction & Building Solutions

-Hi guys just wanted to say thanks. Just passed my MS residential EXAM and I am so thrilled
because I do not have a lot of education. I dropped out of school in the seventh grade and
went back and got my GED. But your course gave me confidence. So I am ordering the
MS General Contractors EXAM.
Thanks So much. Kenny 

Your contractor building prep course worked well for me.
I had recently failed the NC Building Contractors Exam twice, until I purchased your prep course.  
The previous times that I failed the exam, I had taken the two day seminars from another company.
I found your material far more detailed and simpler to use.  The CD's are great.  
I was able to listen to the CD's while in the car while driving to and from work to helped the needed information
soak in.  

Once I began the test I immediately felt very comfortable and prepared due to your prep course.  
So a big thanks to you all for getting me over the hump and helping me receive a passing score on the exam.

Greenville, NC 

-Thank you for helping me pass (Nevada Residential-Small Commercial license exam). 
Before I called you I knew most of the sections within the code books very well. 
Your program helped me to utilize what I knew….and actually helped to familiarize me with a
few sections of the code book which I had not yet touched on.  Thanks again for your help.  
Jason, Las Vegas NV

-I wish to send you thanks for a great prep course and the personal attention you paid to my order.
I had a very short timeline to get your material in hand. You took the extra effort to personally take it
to be overnighted on Thursday, so I could get the material in time to prep for my Alabama exam on Monday.
Your material was spot on and I passed the test with flying colors! 

I would recommend you and your product to anyone!


Jay Dorsey, President
Triad Retail Construction, Inc.

-I passed the exam! I will be very honest...your study material was awesome!
I answered 58 of 90 Q's off the top of my head, and they were in your study sheet.
Thanks so much for helping me on sunday!

Paul, Raleigh NC

-"This was the perfect course review.  I felt very well prepared for the exam.  Thank you 

Nathan Parsons, Greenville, SC

"I took another company's 2-day highlighting course and didn't pass so I bought yours and found
it had loads more information that I could review in the presentations and study guide, and
hundreds of exam questions in the practice test.

Needless to say, I passed after taking your program and I would recommend you to anyone."

C. Miller, Asheville, NC

"I have taken the Georgia Commercial License test and passed with flying colors. 
Thank you for the great course and help over the phone too."

J. Watkins, Alpharetta, GA

"Thank you for the wonderful preparation.  I felt completely at ease while taking the
exam thanks to your practice exams.  I plan to take
North Carolina's test next year so
I'll definitely be coming back to you."

Susan S., Spartanburg, SC

"I passed the test on Tuesday after spending a great deal of time studying your materials. 
I wouldn't have known how to get started if it weren't for your program.  Thank you."

B. Dwyer, Birmingham, AL

"I just wanted to drop a line to let you know that I purchased your course in March 2009. 
After studying the materials over the course of two weeks I immediately took the exam and
passed with no difficulties.  Thank you for your help!

Brian from Duluth, GA


"I am just getting started in this new career after selling insurance for many years. 
Not only did your course help me pass the test but it helped me in my business.  Thank you.

J. Burda, Conyers, GA

Ron, good news! I passed the NASCLA! First I want to say I appreciate your help.
Could not have done it without you guys.

In my opinion this test is jacked up. They deliberately make the questions and answers, ambiguous,
vague and confusing. I’m sure by design, which is stupid. But bottom line you guys gave me the tools
necessary to muddle through.

Your help and insight was invaluable. 


Jason G