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What is the Contractor Exam Prep. Course?

We have prepared a "Learn at Home" seminar on CD. This is the same presentation you would see if you attended our live seminar, with additional study aid's not available anywhere else. We include our Home Study Guide, our Audio CD's and our Practice exam on CD. Rather than spending a time in a hotel meeting room hoping that you are able to keep up with the seminar speaker, you are able to get better information in your own home, at your own pace.


How long will it take me to prepare for the exam?

It will take the average person about 20-40 hours of genuine study time depending on the course.


What is the best way to begin studying?

First, purchase the complete Contractor Exam Preparation Course for your state and license and get your books hi-lited. Start listening to the Audio CD’s while you drive from day one. Then, after your books are hi-lited and you have listened to the Audio CD’s at least twice, start testing yourself with the Practice Exam CD. You'll know when you are ready to take the state exam.


Do I really need the reference books PSI mentions in their Candidate Information Bulletin?

Yes. The act of hi-liting the reference pages helps commit the information to memory. Also, these are a valuable source of information to an active contractor.


When should I start the application process with the state?

Now. Sometimes it takes several weeks to get your application approved. Make sure you fill out the application completely and accurately and you will get the job done much sooner.


Does PSI check your books before taking the exam?

Yes. They will thoroughly check your books before you go into the exam, and when you come out of the exam they will check them again to make sure you aren’t marking any questions for your friends.


I’m not that good at math. Am I in trouble?

Not at all. The math used does not exceed the 5th grade level, and there aren’t enough math questions to make or break you if you have properly prepared for the remainder of the exam

Does your software program work on a MAC computer? 

Yes, we now have this program available for Mac or PC.

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