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Florida Contractor's License Requirements:  

What experience do I need to become a certified contractor?

*You need four years of field experience in the category of licensure you wish to obtain. One of those four years must be supervisory experience.

*You can also substitute up to three years of military service or up to three years of college credit hours in place of the required field experience.

Experience/Education required ALL License : You need to have 4 years of construction experience or a combination of education and experience. 1 year of your experience must be in the role of a foreman or supervisor in the category of licensure you are applying for!!

NOTE: Applicant for Certified General Contractor License must have experience in four or more of the experience areas listed below AND must provide at least one year of experience in the construction of structures at least four stories in height.

Experience Areas:

  • Foundation/Slabs greater than 20,000 sq.ft.
  • Column erection
  • Masonry walls
  • Formwork for structural reinforced concrete
  • Steel erection
  • Elevated slabs
  • Precast concrete structure

Financial/Credit: You must submit a credit report that includes a FICO derived credit score of 660 or higher as proof of financial stability and responsibility. Additional actions must be taken if your credit score is below 660.

Board Contact Information:

Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation
Division of Professions
Bureau of Education and Testing 
2601 Blair Stone Road 
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0791

Phone: 850.487.1395

Exam Dates and Locations:

Test Information:

The General Contractor’s exam consists of a Business & Finance portion and a Trade Knowledge portion. All exams are open book and require a minimum passing score of 70%

The Business & Finance exam is a 6.5-hour computer-based exam offered by Pearson Vue. There are 120 graded questions and you will use 3 references to locate the answers.

The two Trade Knowledge exams are 4.75 hours each and consist of 60 graded questions (120 total). You will use 16 reference books to locate the answers. All tests also include 5 pilot items.

Applicants for Building Demolition Specialty, Tower Specialty and Industrial Facilities Specialty licenses must also take and pass the General Contractor’s Examination.

Florida State Contractors must pass a Business & Finance exam plus two Trade Knowledge examinations with a minimum score of 70%.

These Florida contractor's license exams may be taken in any order, but since the Business & Finance books and study material are required for both exams, it is much easier to prepare, pass, and get this exam completed first.

The only difference between the Florida Residential Contractor, Florida Building Contractor, and Florida General Contractor exams are the number of questions you'll have.

For the Florida Residential exam, you'll have 45 questions.

For the Florida Building exam, you'll have 55 questions.

For the Florida General Contractor exam, you'll have 65 questions.

Click here for a list of exam dates

Reciprocity: Florida does not have reciprocity with other states

Permitted Work: 

Florida’s Certified Residential Contractors (CRC) provide construction, remodeling, repair, and improvement services to homeowners of one-, two-, and three-family residences, not more than two stores in height, as well as any associated accessory structures like a garage, shed or guest house.

The Florida Certified Building Contractor License (CBC) is one step down from a General Contractor license in terms of the scope of work. This license type allows you to construct both commercial buildings and residential structures, not exceeding 3 stories in height. Any accessory structures, like a garage, shed or guest house in connection with those building types are also permitted. This license type also allows you to do remodeling and repair work on larger buildings, as long as the services do not affect any structural elements of the building.

The Florida Certified General Contractor May build any type of structure.

Georgia General Contractor Which Florida license do you need?
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