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Georgia General Contractor Which Georgia license do you need?

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Georgia Residential Contractor

This Georgia contractor's license is for a contractor who performs contract work or activity relative to detached one-family and two-family residences and one-family townhouses less than four stories in height and their accessory buildings and structures with a contract amount over $2,500.
Georgia Residential Light Commercial Contractor

This license is for a contractor to build residential, multi-family and multi-use light commercials buildings and structures which are less than four stories in height and less than 25,000 square feet in aggregate interior floor space, or pre-engineered steel buildings not exceeding 50,000 square feet of interior floor space.
Georgia General Contractor (The NASCLA exam)

In Georgia, a contractor's license is required for any job over $2,500. A General Contractor with the unlimited designation is permitted to do any type of construction work and to bid on any type of contracts. The exam for this license is the NASCLA which is accepted in multiple states. By passing this one exam, you will have passed the trades exam in Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, U.S. Virgin Islands, West Virginia.
Georgia Business Law

The Georgia Business Law exam is required for all contractor licenses in Georgia. It is a separate test based on the book Business Law and Project Management Georgia 2nd Edition.
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