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We understand the difficulty in choosing the right partner to help you pass the contractors exam.  We are so confident that like thousands of our customers you will be able to pass the exam on your first try with our comprehensive Home Study program, that we are offering a Money Back Guarantee.  

To request a refund, simply complete our contact form with your request within 30 days after taking your exam and within 6 months (180 days) of purchase. We will then provide you instructions and the form to get a return authorization.

Our policy is simple and fair:

  1. Send us a copy of your failure notice provided by the state.
  2. Demonstrate that you studied, by providing print outs of at least 3 practice exams where you scored a 95% or better (this is important!). Also test times must be at least 70% of the allowable test time. (if a test has 100 minutes allowed, then your test times must be at least 70 minutes)
  3. Complete a brief survey letting us know what areas were tested on that you were not familiar with from our program
  4. Return the software and audio CD’s to the address provided, along with a purchase receipt
  5. If you passed the business/law but not the Trades, then you may receive a 75% refund for the price of the prep course.
    1. If you passed trades, but not business law, then you may receive a 25% refund for the price of the prep course. 
    2. If you didn’t pass either or if your license doesn’t require both exams, then you may receive a 110% refund for the price of the prep course.
  6. You must have allowed at least 21 days from the time your ordered your prep course to the time you took your exam to properly study.
  7. There are no refunds on shipping/handling or used books.

Cramming a few days before your exam is not considered adequate study time. 

* If conditions are not met, we reserve the right to refund less or not at all. We must be sure that every effort was made to utilize the program, your books, and study the material so that the reason for failure was not due to inadequate study on the part of the student. We stand behind our program, and only ask you to invest the time to prepare.