North Carolina General Contractor Residential and Commercial Builders Including (Nascla)

North Carolina General Contractors

North Carolina General Contractor (NASCLA)

This license is for a contractor to build all types of structures in North Carolina Residential & Commercial. Also by passing this one exam, you will have passed the trades exam in Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, U.S. Virgin Islands, West Virginia.

North Carolina Residential Contractors License

The North Carolina Residential Contractor license classification covers all types of construction activity pertaining to the construction of (single - not multi unit) residential units that are required to conform to the residential code adopted by the Building Code Council. It covers all site-work, driveways and sidewalks ancillary to the residential structure and the work done as part of such residential units under the specialty classifications of Insulation, Masonry, and Swimming Pools.

North Carolina Builders

The North Carolina contractor's license holder is permitted to build all types of structures. If you are considering taking the NC Builder exam, we would highly recommend you take this NASCLA exam instead. It will serve as your trades exam for your NC Builder's license, and we believe it's an easier test to pass. See the comparison chart below.

NC Builder Exam vs. NASCLA (View Video Comparison) NC Builder NASCLA
Requires pre-approval from state licensing board YES NO
Board limits number of times you can take exam and how often
Number of books covered in exam 20 21
Number of books you may take into the exam with you 8 21
Number of questions 90 115
Percentage or questions answered correctly required to pass 70% 70%
Amount of time for entire test 200 330
Amount of time per question 2.22 Minutes 2.86 Minutes
Number of states that have reciprocity 3 15