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How it works

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Presentations - Highlight all the answers with these easy-to-follow videos.

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Audios - Each book has an audio to help with memorization.

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Study Guides - A list of every question in our database broken down by book.

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Practice Exams - Unlimited quizzes for each book, and full course practice exams.

1 > The easy to follow videos are available on any device.

Quickly highlight just the important parts of your books for reference in the exams.

These workshops will cut your study time by over 95%!

Each presentation can be viewed an unlimited number of times, and if you stop for a night before completing the workshop, the next time you log in, you'll be able to start right where you left off.

Videos can be viewed on PC, Mac, iPad, and all Apple and Android smart phones.

2 >> Audio tracks on CD and online.

These audios are helpful to reinforce what you learned during the highlighting workshops.

You can stream the audio from any device, or use the CDs that will be mailed with your order.

3 >>> Printed Study Guides.

Use the printed study guides to review the questions and answers from yet another perspective.

This is a list of every question and answer broken down by book.The Quick Start Study Guide also includes test taking strategies and tips for how to maximize your efforts on the exam.

4 >>>> Unlimited Practice Exams and Coaching.

Most people walk into the exam not know exactly what to expect. It's a new building, new computer, and everything is unknown. This uncertainty can cause test takers to be nervous and make careless mistakes.

With My Contractor's License's practice exams, you'll be at ease because the screens you practice with look exactly like the ones you'll see in your real exam.

We are the only company in the industry that provides this amazing tool. Not only will you have access to all the questions through random practice exams, but you'll have access to unlimited coaching and support calls.

This is another benefit available only with My Contractor's License.

Live Updates

You'll never have to wonder if you've got the latest and greatest information. With this program you'll always have the most up to the minute information.

Each time you log in, you'll be seeing the latest changes and additions.

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When you purchase your set of books at Mycontractorslicense.com at the end of your course if you choose you can sell your reference set of books back to us. Contact us at (877)-699-0775 to setup your Book Buy Back. All of My Contractors License "Course Combo's" include the Reference Book Set New. Booksets are Purchased back at 50% there original Value.

Our Promise to You

Your Success, Guaranteed!

Would you like to know for a FACT that you're going to pass your exam before stepping foot in the exam center? With this training program, you will!

We're so confident that you'll pass your exam on your first attempt by following this plan that we'll give you all your money back PLUS 10% for the prep course.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Try this program for 14 days. If you don't like it, simply return all the material for a full refund.

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