Utah General Contractor License

Utah General Contractors License

Utah General Contractors

three contractors for general contractors license
State Information. All applicants must take a 20 hour Pre-license course from an approved provider in Utah. CLICK HERE for a list of providers.

Effective May 14, 2019, Trade exams will NOT BE REQUIRED for the B100, R100, and E100 classifications.The Utah Contractor Business and Law Exam is still required for B100, E100, and R100

If you do not have the Required 2 years of General Contractor experience in your related field, The NASCLA exam can be taken and will suffice for the 2 years of experience requirement. This means there is no experience requirement if you take and pass the NASCLA General Contractors Exam

Utah General Contractors B-100 and R-100 License specification

Utah General Contractors NASCLA for R-100 and B-100 License.

This exam also takes place of the 2 year requirement in order to obtain a license in Utah.

Construction, alteration and repair in connection with any structure built, being built or to be built for the support, shelter and enclosure of persons, animals, chattels or movable property of any kind. This scope includes the supervision of all or any part of the above and includes the management, or direct or indirect supervision of any work performed.

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Utah Business Law and Project Management Exam

Utah Business Law and Project Management

The Utah Business Law Management exam is required for all contractor licenses in Utah. It is a separate test based on the book Utah Business Law and Project Management Arizona 3rd Edition.