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General Contractor License Exam Prep

Choose a state to see information and products tailored for the contractor's license in that specific state
Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada,
New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia

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My Contractors License is the industry leader for contractor exam prep courses. When it comes to online home prep contractor licensing training for the NASCLA exam or other general or residential contractor tests, is your one stop solution.

We offer computer-based courses, and reference books to prepare you for the building contractors license exams including the National Contractor Exam (NASCLA – Accredited Exam).  We also offer state Residential Contractor and Commercial Building Contractor license prep courses. 

My Contractors License offers a complete course of study and allows you to focus on the important contractor license material according to whichever way you learn best (audio, visual, at home or in person). We are your PSI Exams experts.   

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The NASCLA Exam has now been adopted by 14 states plus the U.S. Virgin Islands for their commercial contractor exams.

06/01/2017  Arizona now accepts NASCLA exam

01/01/2017  Alabama Home Builder is now being tested with PROV. New testing company completely new exam and questions! 

Your must register to take a NASCLA exam and you are limited to 3 attemptes per year.

The South Carolina Residential Exam has been updated to include the new Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing questions which make up 1/3 of the exam.

6/15/2016  Mississippi is now testing from the 2012 IRC and IBC books

4/15/2016  Oregon now accepts the NASCLA exam

Pass this one exam and you can submit  your test scores to multiple states for licensing!  Click here for Details...

Today's Specials

General Contractor's Unlimited Full Commercial Trades Exam Prep Course (NASCLA)
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General Contractor's Unlimited Full Commercial Trades Exam Prep Course (NASCLA)
The most comprehensive study course available! Pass your exam on the first try. You'll have instant online access, audio discs, study guides, and unlimited practice exams. See full description below.
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Georgia Contractors License Exam Prep
GA General Contractor (NASCLA)
GA Residential Light Commercial
GA Basic Residential

Why choose My Contractors License for your contractor exam home study course?

Our Web Seminars and Home Study programs are very comprehensive, yet laser-focused on the things you need to PASS. The Home Study is an integrated system of highlighting sessions, study guides, online presentations, practice exams, and audio that are designed to ensure that no matter how you learn best, you will learn this material. Whether you are most comfortable learning at home or via live webinars, contact Great Southern Seminars for the contractor exam preparation that you need to pass the PSI Exams first time!                                                                                                  
If you are an American contractor select the license that you are applying for:

National Commercial Contractor Exam
NASCLA Accredited Exam
Georgia Contractor Exam
GA General Contractor (NASCLA)
GA Residential Light Commercial
GA Basic Residential 
North Carolina Contractor Exam
NC Building Contractor
NC Residential Contractor

Alabama Contractor Exam 

AL Commercial Contractor (NASCLA)
AL Under Four Stories Contractor
AL Home Builder
South Carolina Contractor Exam
SC Unlimited Contractor (NASCLA)
SC Limited Contractor
SC Residential Contractor
Mississippi Contractor Exam 
MS Commercial (NASCLA)
MS Building Construction
MS Residential Contractor

Nevada Contractor Exam
NV General Building Contractor (B)
NV Residential/Small Commercial (B-2)

Business/Law Exams
Alabama Business & Law
Arizona Business & law
Georgia Business & Law 
Louisiana Business & Law
Mississippi Business & Law
Nevada Business & Law
New Mexico Business & Law
South Carolina Business & Law Commercial
South Carolina Business & Law Residential
Tennessee Business & Law
Virginia Business and Law
New Mexico Contractor Exam
NM GB-2 Residential Contractor Part 1
NM GB-98 Commercial Part 2
NM GB-2, GB-98 Combined Parts 1 and 2

If you are looking for general information on each state's construction licensing process and requirements, please visit the "Exam Information" page to select your specific license type.